Steven Allen, degree apprentice

by Steven Allen


After leaving school I worked in various roles, but at the same time I was trying to get into an engineering apprenticeship.

I applied time and time again over a few years to various employers, always falling down at the last hurdle.  I then realised that a similar set of skills would be useful in the technology industry: problem solving, analysis, communication, decision making etc.

So I started looking for IT apprenticeships and quickly came across a vacancy with Lloyds Banking Group. I prepared thoroughly and was successful throughout the process. I knew that a career in IT was going to be a rewarding choice as it is an evolving, advancing industry.

I’ve since completed that apprenticeship and moved on to a new Degree Apprenticeship programme which will see me work towards an honours degree in Digital and Technology Solutions at Manchester Met University.

The technology industry is a great place to build a career, with so many subject areas to specialise in. The knowledge to be gained is vast. A wide variety of roles exist, meaning  the world really is your oyster.

I love getting into the detail on projects and overcoming challenges that we face around designing and building solutions. Making sure they satisfy both our clients and the business.

In this digital world we live in, we are able to work with people far and wide – my team is split across four teams within the UK.  We also have teams in Chennai and Bangalore (India). Location is no longer a barrier and we can work on the same projects regardless of location, which provides a great sense of collaboration. I am sure there is an exciting path set out for me within the Technology industry.


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