Sabrina Azad Sara, ITMB student

by Sabrina Azad Sara


While I was applying for A-Levels I was unsure about IT and business-related subjects and what I could get out of them. I only knew I had an interest in computers. But as I have progressed through my course and started experiencing different aspects of IT and Business, my interests and understanding grew.

I was in a dilemma about the course I wanted to choose. To clear my confusion I visited quite a few open days to see what the university and their courses offered. Out of all the universities, I found Oxford Brookes’ ITMB  course very convincing. The degree content reassured me that I would achieve something great by end of the course.

Now well into my course, I do have to admit that I am very pleased I have chosen it. The ITMB course at Oxford Brookes has allowed students like me to stand out individually and build up their confidence.  I have built up great networks with employees, professionals and other students.

I am going to attend my very first event Grow with ITMB at Soutbank, London, where we will speak to and encourage more women into ITMB. This will be another perfect opportunity to network with various people and meet different professionals. This course has given me a real sense of responsibility and encouraged me to stand up and encourage other young female students to take up this course and how it can be of benefit to them. 

Through my course, I am going to seize any opportunities that come my way and make the very best of them. I’d certainly recommend this course to other people, especially female students, who want to experience a challenging, competitive yet fun tech journey.


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