Lucy Shipton, degree apprentice

by Lucy Shipton


When I left Sixth form with an A-Level in Biology and a pending place at university to study Animal Conservation, I never imagined that an IT apprenticeship would appeal to me so much.

I have always been interested in the way we have evolved so suddenly to create a world so dynamic and efficient, and find it fascinating how we are able to progress this every day. It is safe to say the Industrial Age is behind us, and the Digital Age is well under way to change how we all live and work, more and more each day.

When the pressures of upcoming uni life, debt, and the commitment to one subject caused me to re-think my path, I began to look around for apprenticeships. I thought I could still make the most out of education whilst I’m young, but wanted to begin my career in order to keep my life moving forward. I couldn’t believe that out of all the apprenticeships I looked at, the one to catch my eye was an IT apprenticeship at Barclays.

I have been in my role as a Barclaycard Command and Control Analyst, managing live major incidents daily, for nearly four months now. I must say; I’ve never looked back. I was worried at first because I don’t see myself to be a very technical person; after all, I’m a Biologist! But I found the dynamic of a working group in such an interesting field of IT really exciting and I was motivated to learn more. This is when I was introduced to the possibility of completing a degree as a part of my apprenticeship, and now I study BS(Hons) Digital and Technology Solutions once a week at Manchester Metropolitan University. I couldn’t believe it, I never thought that I would ever be able to have a full time job and go to university! It was the perfect option for me, exactly what I wanted.

The Digital Age is now, and never before has this field of work been so current and so in demand. The skills I have learned have broadened my knowledge so much. I can now count myself as a technical person, and I love it! The beauty about an IT role is that my abilities are transferrable across so many different industries around the world, in any career. I know I’ve made the right decision to choose this apprenticeship because I know my job will evolve with the changing technology and there will always be opportunity to learn and progress.

The apprenticeship was right for me because it gave me the chance to kick-start a solid career with the proper guidance and support, while being given the opportunity to develop my education as well. The skills I have learnt these past few months have been of so much value to me that I know I can use to build my career further in the future. I couldn’t be happier.


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