Kelly Evans, ITMB student

by Kelly Evans


I’ve just started back at the University of West London, going into my second year studying ITMB. I first stumbled upon this degree at my sixth form opening day. I was stuck on whether to head towards IT or business for a degree as I was doing both in my A-Levels. Then I came across ITMB which gave me everything I wanted in one. I was over the moon! I instantly knew this was what I needed to further my education.

Before I studied IT at GCSE level and  A-Level, I’d spent a year of my school life as a patient in and out of some of the best hospitals. This was where I was able to witness the incredible impact of technology in the health industry and how technology could have a huge impact on saving lives. While undergoing various different tests at Frimley Park Hospital, The Royal Marsden and Kings College Hospital, I experienced various different IT systems run by the most amazing staff which helped me to regain my health. I’m truly grateful to be here today.

During my stay in these hospitals I came across some of the most incredible tech systems including: MRI, CT scans, ultrasound and x-ray machines. These are just a few of the tech systems that enable such a quick and incredible turnover of information for doctors to diagnose patients. This experienced made me realise how fantastically lucky we are to have technology in our everyday lives and led me to decide this was the industry I wanted to be a part of.

In my ITMB course, I am currently building upon my skills and knowledge every day. This degree has so much to give. Last year I was able to get the opportunity to attend the ITMB south event held by the Tech Partnership. Here I had the chance to meet some of the best employers within the industry and participate in some great activities that built my confidence and teamworking skills.

This year I hope to attend many more of the ITMB events and take advantage of all the extra activities to build my knowledge and improve my skills. I am currently working on a competition for 2nd year ITMB students and hope to attend the ITMB North event to present my AI idea.

I am incredibly lucky to be a part of such a brilliant degree, which will benefit me massively in the future. Although I am undecided on what sector of the industry I would like to build my career in I believe I couldn’t be on a better track to finding a career in medical tech. Studying a degree containing business, management and IT, I really couldn’t be in a better position and am extremely excited for all the future opportunities will shall bring.

My aspiration is to make sure that I make an impact on the health industry. I want to give back for the extraordinary help I received and to ensure that people receive the same if not better treatment from the tech systems as I did.


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