Megan Crooks, ITMB student

by Megan Crooks, ITMB student


When applying for university I knew that I wanted to study IT and business but I didn’t do a business course at A-Level. Plus I found the idea of a male-dominated field very daunting. However, my concerns were dismissed during the open day at Northumbria, ITMB provided it all: the gender ratio and an amazing balance of IT and Business studies. As cheesy as it sounds, from that day forward I knew I wanted to be an ITMBer. I am now entering my third year as an ITMBer and I have loved all the experiences my course has provided.

During my initial years at Northumbria University I participated in many ITMB events, which have helped me to develop my skills and confidence in many areas. The first competition I entered through ITMB was the P&G IDS challenge. Teams met in P&G’s Newcastle office to complete a full day of business-related competitions, after which my team was declared the winner.

We won an opportunity to travel out to Frankfurt. There, the Frankfurt team planned more tasks for us to get an insight into how a global consumer goods company is run. This was a huge privilege and provided me with great networking opportunities and practical experience.

My second ITMB adventure was at the end of my second year with the Super Techies Challenge Season 3 (Sponsored by Capgemini). I was presented with an online case study to solve, a task that has since lent me a great understanding of how businesses use online communications. My team presented a solution to the Capgemini and we were chosen from hundreds of UK entries to attend the UK final.

In the final, we presented our idea to a board of senior managers and CEOs, sharing with them our passion and ideas. This high-level exposure and amazing feedback helped me to develop my confidence. One of the assessors even asked me for presentation skills advice. If that’s not a confidence boost I don’t know what is. In the end we came third place and we were asked to contact the company when looking for an internship.

I am now on my placement year at GE Oil & Gas as an IT intern. Here I feel I can apply the mix of IT and Business that I learned on my course in a real-life environment. My main project is to introduce an IT system into the factory to improve the business process. To do this I am required to have a full understanding of how the business runs and how the system may affect their tasks.

 Looking back at my tech story, I feel that the ITMB course has provided me with more than just a degree but with many life-changing experiences. All of this is a huge confidence boost to a women once concerned with working in a male-dominated field. My experience has shown I can do anything within IT and business that I want, regardless of my gender.


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