Hoong Chung, ITMB and start-up

by Hoong Chun Wong


I started out studying a Diploma in Business Information Technology at Temasek Polytechnic in Singapore. Initially, I was aiming for a graduate role as a technology consultant in an Enterprise Application Software company. However, that changed when I was working on my Final Year Project. My teammate and I built Zuu, an interactive video game in a simulated world that helps to educate children on wildlife conservation. The system was well received by industry, and given a pre-acquisition valuation of SGD$25,000. Most importantly, the project sparked my interest in start-ups and technology, and I’ve not looked back since.

Upon completing my mandatory military service in Singapore, I spent a year working in the family construction business. I found some of the industry players still relied on hand-drawn construction blueprints in their projects. This often led to project delays caused by miscommunication or inaccurate measurements. The introduction of “AutoCad”, a 2D and 3D computer-aided design software, to my family firm was hugely beneficial. The software helped to reduce man-hours and material wastage, resulting in an overall increase in the company’s productivity. This led me to realise that technology can play a key role in achieving greater profits.

Hence, I started researching courses that offered a combination of business and IT, which brought me to Information Management for Business (ITMB) in University College London (UCL). ITMB is a tech industry gold degree program endorsed by the Tech Partnership.

Currently in my second year of university, I have grown to appreciate the many privileges my degree has granted me. One of the greatest advantages of the ITMB degree is that it offers a great number of networking opportunities with industry leaders, giving its students an advantage over their peers in other courses and universities. Through the network and opportunities offered in my degree, I have competed in several competitions, such as Credit Suisse’s “Wear the Future” competition.

At UCL, I observed that many of my close friends were interested in starting their own businesses, but lacked the resources and networks to do so. Noticing existing gaps in the start-up ecosystem within universities, I was encouraged to bridge the gap between aspiring entrepreneur and venture capitalist.

This led me to co-found Venture Capital Movement (VCM), a student society supported by the British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association, to encourage more students to become entrepreneurs. VCM aims to promote awareness and understanding of venture capital & startups in the technology industry across various London universities. Through VCM, I have been able to speak and network with other players in both the startup and venture capital communities within the technology industry.

In the next few months, VCM will be introducing various entrepreneurship and innovation programs to support and foster student entrepreneurs.  We hope to see you at some of our events!


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