Dami Fasoyiro, start-up

by Dami Fasoyiro


Growing up, I was surrounded by technology but I had no interest in what I could gain from it. I grew up with the perception that tech was a not for me and there was no way I could understand it. It seemed so mind-boggling.

Here I am, five years later and I am actually writing a blog post about my journey into tech. I definitely didn’t wake up all of a sudden and decide that I was tech genius. At the moment, I am still discovering more about myself and technology and where it could lead me to in the future.

Being a science fanatic, I failed to realise that technology is the driving force behind a lot of professional fields in the digital age. Technology plays a part in science; whether it’s helping to unravel the human genome or finding a cure for diseases such as cancer.

Technology has helped the way scientists work, making research more efficient and increasing the ease of collecting and analysing data. If you were to walk into a research laboratory technology would be everywhere.

Two years ago, I was a finalist at a competition run by Network Rail that aimed to get more girls involved in STEM  (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) particularly focused on technology. I entered the competition unaware of where it would lead me but through it I discovered there was more to technology. I always thought that technology was a bubble that only very brainy people could access.

The quest to find out more about technology had begun, and I started to discover the various roles that technology plays in society. I found out that technology was at the forefront of Medical Science,  which is an area of interest to me. I had reached a pivotal moment where I was able to finally connect the dots.

I discovered even more about tech this summer when I took part in Outbox Incubator. I was introduced to coding by another Outbox Executive and it left a long lasting impression on me. I picked it up very quickly and I am now coding my way to more exciting things. Outbox inspired me to continue with a startup idea that I had long forgotten about.

Over the past few years, I have learnt to avoid restricting myself. My A-Level qualifications in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics are clearly not directly related to tech. The path that I am following with regards to my future tech career is surely not the conventional route into tech. I hope to be involved with the med-tech industry after I finish my education.

My startup idea, while still in the planning phase, will also use a lot of the tech skills I have gained. Without giving too much away, the startup is based on digital education and will be aimed at primary school children. My goal is to release a trial version for the target group by early 2017. So watch this space..


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