Sean Jefferies, Business Analyst at FDM Group

by Sean Jefferies

My career started at the age of 17 when I joined the Royal Air Force as a Mechanical Technician.  I completed 9 years’ service in a role that helped me to develop and build valuable skills and experiences but also tested my resilience in the most extreme environments. During my time in the forces, a career in IT was the last place I thought I would end up, however, I knew I wanted to work in an industry that was diverse, innovative, challenging and would allow me to grow and continually progress.

In my search for a new career, I knew I had a great experience from the forces that any employer would benefit from, the challenge was communicating these skills and experiences while finding a job I was excited about. In my research for a new job it started to become apparent how important and influential IT and technology is to the success of businesses. To my surprise, I also discovered how vast and diverse a role in IT could be, but most importantly I discovered roles where the soft skills I gained in the military were crucial and highly valued.

So, I made the move to IT and after a few shorts weeks of training I started my new career as a Business Analyst with FDM Group. The role of a Business Analyst appealed to me as you have the ability to work across the whole business interacting with people from all areas and levels of management. The role focuses on creating collaboration between different groups of people working together innovative through technology.

Within my first year of working in IT, I have been part of a number of exciting and challenging projects, from compliance changes driven by Government to marketing brand launch initiatives to creating smart interactive mobile apps. Each project gave me the opportunity to engage with a new group of people, explore other industries and departments and allowed me to discover new technology and techniques that could be used to benefit my way of working and the company itself.

Working with IT and technology is extremely rewarding, you get to make positive changes that have a significant impact on the organisation by either improving your colleague’s daily routine or providing a new ways for your customers to interact with the company.

Within the role you personally get to help shape the future of the company through collaboration and innovation. But for me, what makes the job so great is the endless opportunities. As technology grows so does the chance to explore new avenues, grow your personal development and shape and define your own career path. 

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