Caroline Trill, Junior IT Project Manager at Doris IT

by Caroline Trill, Junior IT Project Manager at Doris IT

I have been lucky to always have had a way with people. Growing up, I knew I needed to find a career where I could use this talent to the best of my ability. With this in mind, throughout college and university I had been focused on working within a social industry, specifically retail.

At A-Level, I studied Business, Maths and IT, a solid foundation fo me to study Retail Marketing at Manchester Metropolitan University. During this time, I also undertook several retail roles which complemented by degree. While this gave me a strong insight into business processes, it also provided me with invaluable exposure to approaching and selling to a large customer base.

Once I had finished my degree, I got a job in a small convenience store, which allowed me to work while applying for roles in my preferred industry. While I was working at the shop, I became friendly with a regular customer who mentioned a startup company which she thought I would be interested in, called Doris IT.

Unbeknown to me at the time, it is widely understood within the IT industry, that there is a lack of young talent in IT, especially young professional women. Doris IT had recognised this and set out to help young people who were passionate about starting a career in IT and Business, regardless of their background.

However at the time I was sceptical. My perception of  IT careers was of people sat with headphones on, writing code all day every day – not the sociable working life I had pictured for myself. Despite my concern around the stereotype I applied, succeeded at the assessment day and was offered a role. I have never looked back. I later found out it was my varied work experience that persuaded Doris to give me a job. They could see I was a hard worker and determined to build a successful career. 

Since then I have worked at two blue chip organisations within leading IT department:  firstly working within Test Services and more recently as a Junior IT Project Manager on a Desktop Transformation Programme. During my first assignment within Test Services at a high street bank I defined and drove a plan which successfully closed an outstanding board level audit action with affected 70 systems and circa 10000 users.

This was a very challenging experience but stood me in good stead for my current assignment, Desktop Transformation Programme at a leading North west Utilities company. Here I am  part of a team that is migrating 6500 users to Windows 8.1. This role has allowed me to develop and learn the important skills that are required to deliver large-scale technology changes in businesses.

My opinion of working in IT is now very far removed from my original perception. I have come to understand and appreciate how it IT underpins every part of a business. I have grown as a person and the responsibility I am trusted with now is a credit to the hard work I’ve put in as well as to the training and mentoring I have been given by the Doris Team.


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