Ryan Courtier, Kuato Studios

by Ryan Courtier, Kuato Studios


Playing video games from a very young age inspired me to get into tech. I received a Sega Mega Drive at the age of six and by the age of nine, I was already focused on becoming an artist in the video games industry, having spent most of my younger years drawing pictures, almost on a daily basis. My feeling as a child was that since I can draw, maybe I could create what’s on the screen?

My route into the video games industry was taking higher level art exams during Secondary School, studying an Art and Design National Diploma in College then finally studying Games Art and Design at University. During my Bachelor’s Degree, I took numerous work experience placements then during my final year, I was offered my first industry role as a UI Artist for an e-learning studio called Real Projects, based in Norwich.

I am currently a Producer with 7 years’ experience working in the video games industry and have worked in both large AAA companies such as EA to educational start-ups such as Kuato Studios. My main responsibilities are owning the production process for multiple mobile games as well as planning, scheduling and delivering games on time to the highest customer quality possible.

My future aspirations are to work with teams that share an enthusiasm to create meaningful gaming experiences that inspire people and shape the world we live in. I am also a strong believer that everyone should have the opportunity to learn to code and this is an area I would like to focus more on going forward.

My tech journey came from a childhood dream of creating the entertaining experiences I was exposed to as a child. I’ve grown and changed a lot whilst working in video games industry and proud to say that from the people I have had the pleasure to work with over the last seven years, I am proud of whom I have become, the games I have released and where I see myself going in the future.

I have also committed myself to giving back my industry experiences to people all over the world who are looking to start a career in video games by becoming an Ambassador for Ukie and STEMNET as well as a Mentor for CoderDojo. I would encourage other professionals to do the same as these clever minds are the ones that will shape the future of the video games industry and take us in directions we never dreamed possible.


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