Daniel Thomas, Fujitsu’s Defence unit

by Daniel Thomas

I have always been really interested in computing, ever since I got my family got our first computer when I was a child.

I wondered how a metal box could do all of the amazing things it could, and it inspired me to find out more. I studied ICT at school and went on to study it at university, completing a BSc and MSc in computer science.

During my MSc I completed a project on older people with dementia using technology. This introduced me to Fujitsu, who have a huge amount of experience developing technology for older people.

I researched their graduate scheme, which has won a number of awards, and decided that it would be a great place to work. I currently work in the Defence & National Security Business Unit within Fujitsu. We work with a number of customers in the UK to deliver core services that keep our country safe and secure. We even work internationally with other companies to deliver solutions globally in an incredibly challenging environment.

For the past two years I have been in a Software Developer role, through which I have undertaken some very interesting and varied work. The project I currently work on is involved with Command and Control systems that deliver powerful tools to plan and manage operations at locations across the world. I have been involved in every aspect of the solution lifecycle, from design workshops all the way through to testing.

The best thing about the graduate programme for me is the volume of opportunities you have. Whether it’s a new role available, or a chance to help a charity partner, there’s always ways to go above and beyond and really extend the network you have and do something totally different to what you have done previously.

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