Kieran Davies, eLearning Developer, Sponge UK

by Kieran Davies, eLearning Developer, Sponge UK


My tech story started when I was in secondary school. I grew fond of computers, in particular building them from scratch, all the electronics involved and of course, games. I became very skilled with them and I spent pretty much all my free time using them, always wanting to learn more.

When it came to choosing a path for my career I decided on Civil Engineering with Computer Aided Design at Plymouth University, but I found the lack of technology a complete buzzkill. I also felt that the course lacked the creative freedom that I craved. After a year of Civil Engineering I swapped across to Digital Art and Technology, found my passion again and never looked back.

I studied all sorts of different computing languages, loads of different innovative tech including the Oculus Rift, Arduino’s, Brainwave, Leap Motion and more. Not only did I get to play with all these new bits of kit, but my projects involved using them to make day to day lives easier, and figuring out possible areas where these technologies could really stand out. This allowed us to be extremely creative with our ideas and share them with like-minded people; this was so much fun.

I really found something incredible with my final project for university, and I was asked to take part in an event called ‘Digital Futures’ at the Devonport Market hall in Plymouth. I made it into the paper, and I spent two crazy days there showing hundreds of people my Oculus Rift project, and received some incredible feedback. I never thought I was capable of making something that would invoke such a brilliant reaction from people. Take a look at a video of my project on YouTube. 

Following my success in my degree I was lucky enough to start my career at Sponge UK as a Junior eLearning Developer, and I never thought I could enjoy working as much as I do now. I use Adobe Creative Suite to manipulate and transform images, Articulate Storyline to make absorbing and beautiful eLearning courses for clients, as well as software such as Audacity to edit various sounds and transcripts.

In the future I want to continue learning and using new technologies to keep in the cutting edge of innovation. In particular I want to continue working with the Oculus Rift, and possibly see what it can do in the realm of eLearning.

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