Alan Cain, Cyber Security and Compliance Officer with Advanced 365

by Alan Cain

I started out looking into coding and technology as a hobby, trying to understand how things worked and consequently learning how to create and hack websites.

When I first started looking into technology the Internet was still in its infancy with very few resources, so I had to gain new information by meeting up with fellow tech enthusiasts at regular meet ups in London, as well as learning through trial and error.

Needless to say, the Internet quickly took off, offering me a wealth of free resources to further my learning. I started gaining qualifications in my spare time and quickly realised I was quite knowledgeable in the sector getting – 98% in my first test despite being completely self-taught.

My first job in the technology sector was at Wanstor working on the Service Desk. This gave me valuable experience dealing with customers and learning how different systems worked and what issues can occur. I quickly worked my way up to team leader and before long got a job at Advanced 365 working in the network operations centre as a 24×7 Technical Analyst.

Continuing my self-study I acquired some security certifications and trained to become a penetration tester (ethical hacker), and was soon promoted to Cyber Security and Compliance Officer within Advanced 365.

The thing I enjoy most about working in tech is that everything is a puzzle that needs to be solved. Tech provides challenges on a daily basis that require you to think outside the box and find solutions.

My advice to people starting out would be, learn as much as you can from free resources available online. Things like W3Schools, Tech Bites on the BBC and Scratch which is available in most schools. These all start from the very basics of coding, but you can quickly progress and before you know it you will be creating your own games.”

You don’t even need to be able to programme to work in the tech industry there are lots of other avenues into the industry such as a role on a Service Desk. This is a great entry point into the industry where you will gain a huge amount of experience and learn lots very quickly.

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