I want to be a part of a project that’s the next big thing which is going to revolutionise the world.


Shobitha Shivakumar has always been interested in tech, and her placement role as a technical support analyst at IBM keeps this interest alive. After her placement year is over at IBM, she’ll go back to university to complete her master’s degree in computer science.

What is your current role?
I’m a Technical Support Analyst so I provide remote technical and software application support for a particular product called Cognos Analytics. This is a popular product used all over the world. It helps clients to really understand their data in a simple way. I help them out if they have issues with the product itself. I create test cases, I try to replicate their issues, I log bugs and try to fix their problems.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
The best thing about my job is that I get to solve new problems every day. Since my childhood I’ve always loved to solve puzzles so I think this role has taken that to a whole new level. Every day I face new problems and that’s what keeps this job very exciting and challenging.

What do you like about working at IBM?
I feel really proud to be an IBMer. IBM has a huge global presence so I’m very lucky to communicate with clients all over the world. I get to have relationships with different clients in different sectors and it’s always nice to meet new people and extend your network.

What would you say to encourage young people into tech?
The stereotype that tech is hard and complex is completely untrue because I work in the technology industry and I can tell you how exciting it is to work on cool projects which transform people’s lives. There are lots of different roles within technology so if you don’t like programming then it doesn’t mean that you can’t join the technology industry. There are lots of roles available such as finance, sales, marketing. As long as your passionate about technology then you can join the tech industry. You can help us sell the technology, deal with the business side or you can help us develop and design the products.

What interested you into tech?
Personally I’ve been passionate about tech since my childhood. I was a very inquisitive child; I would observe things around me and ask questions. Technology was very attractive to me even then and I still remember the day we got our first computer. I was a child who drew a lot. I use to draw on paper but all of a sudden there is this device that I can draw on. I was thrilled to see that. I think my interest grew from there. I realised how technology can changing lives.

Future career plans?
I hope to be in a higher management position in the future, hopefully within IBM. I want to be part of a project that is creating the next big thing and totally revolutionise the world. I’m excited about it.