I think having technical knowledge is key in today’s society

Sophia Ambrose studied business-related subjects during her A-Levels but soon realised the opportunities in tech and decided to study computing and management at Loughborough University. “I spotted a really interesting computing degreeand I though ‘why not’. I knew there was a lot of opportnities to do well in tech – it’s where all the exciting new stuff is happening – and I thought, this is something I wanted to learn more about”, she said

As part of her degree Sophia has taken a year out to experience the tech industry first hand at IBM. She’s currently doing a placement as a Middleware Monitoring Workload Manager. “Our customers open up tickets when they have issues with our products and it’s my job was to allocate those tickets to our engineers and make sure they get fixed as soon as possible. As the year has gone on I’ve also helped on the digital marketing side –  manage our social media account and creating content.

Working at IBM has been a great experience for Sophia. “My year has been inexplicitly amazing”, she said. “I’ve got so lucky with everything I’ve done this year”. One of the aspects of her job she enjoys the most is networking and speaking to people from around the world. “Personally the idea of working for a giant corporate firm is the dream. In our team we’ve got people from Italy, Germany, America and people I’ve never met before because we work a lot through instant messaging. It’s so interesting seeing how people all over the world work”.

Sophia’s says her experience within the tech industry has been great so far and that she wants other young people to consider tech. “Do it! It’s not nearly as scary as you think it is or nearly as complicated. Even if you’re doing a degree or a job which is nothing to do with technology, try and learn a bit – even if it’s just basic stuff –  because it puts you in such great stead. In almost every sector having technical knowledge is key”.

Sophia hopes to return to IBM as a graduate business consultant. “It’s quite handy having that IT background because it high demand in the business sector. I’ve got that prior learning. which will hopefully make me a better candidate”.