Believe in yourself – you are so much better and smarter than you think you are


Liz McGettigan is Director of Digital Library and Cultural Experiences for Solus UK, an innovative Scottish company that uses a bespoke web based Content Management System to enable businesses to centralise their digital communications, and broadcast content to different devices and social media platforms. 

Liz talked to the Tech Partnership about her route into technology and why she finds the digital world so exciting.

I started off in librarianship – after my first degree I qualified as a Chartered Librarian and worked my way up the professional ladder, becoming Head of Library and Information Services at the City of Edinburgh. As I built my skills and experience, I found myself increasingly drawn to the digital side – I got excited about it from the early days when I saw how it could make the job easier and more interesting.

I moved from the City of Edinburgh to Solus UK in 2014, seeing it as a chance to really practise my beliefs about innovation. I love the difference we are making: our clients see change and transformation on a daily basis. I’ve also had the chance to travel: I regularly present around the world on technology, and on women in leadership and tech roles.

On the subject of women in tech, I’m a great believer in encouraging females to take up digital roles: we bring a different slant on tech implementation, innovation and project management, so we have a huge amount to offer. Women can be put off tech because they think it’s just about coding, whereas in fact it’s about people, and people-based solutions, transformations and projects. It’s about making things, the world and people better – and that’s very motivating.

The advice I’d give to any girl considering a tech career is to believe in yourself – you are so much better and smarter than you think you are. Find a great female mentor: someone who’ll support you and give you good advice and guidance, as well as being a role model herself. And don’t be afraid to experiment, be different and go for it!

In ten years’ time I’ll probably be on a beach, reading about the marvellous pace of technology and change – and hopefully also reading about the wonderful work done by women in technology. It’s such an exciting career, and so much more than coding: it can open all sorts of doors and take you anywhere you want to go.