Being female hasn’t hindered my tech career

“I always enjoyed the technical subjects more than the language and artistic subjects, so I knew I had to study a STEM subjects if I wanted to enjoy my learning experiences,” said Karen, an IT specialist at Tata Consultancy Service (TCS).

Karen decided to study Biochemistry as an undergraduate at university and later completed her Masters in computer science. After university she started working on a graduate trainee scheme, where she rotated around the different departments to get a feel of what job role would suit her best. “In the end I fell in love with mainframe programming,” she said.

The training she received on the graduate trainee scheme helped her secure her career with TCS as an IT specialist for the mainframe environment, where she supports the team with major programmes.  

Karen’s always felt confident in her professional skills: “I felt more comfortable in the technical side of a role than the managerial or administrative roles. I enjoy the variety of the work and the people I work with”.

Karen says that her team at TCS is diverse, with a good percentage of women working in her tech department.

“I don’t believe that being a female has impacted on my career adversely as the teams I have worked in have always have always been gender balanced and my efforts have always been measured and recognised without reference to my gender,” she commented.

Karen believes that more teachers need to be given information about tech careers and about how they can encourage young girls to study STEM subjects, especially technology.

“Teachers at school may struggle to encourage pupils into technology if they themselves have not had any industrial experience,” she said.

Karen’s career hope for the future is to train people up within the support team and then find other opportunities to progress within TCS. Her education and knowledge of technology has allowed her to come a long way in her job, and will certainly continue to do so.