The Tech Partnership employers say #choosetech

This August the Tech Partnership is encouraging young people who are considering their education and employment options to #choosetech.

Hundreds of thousands of students will be making life changing decisions following A-level and GCSE results over the next two weeks. Employers are ready to show these young people that the tech sector offers them a huge range of stimulating and enjoyable opportunities.

During the #choosetech campaign employers are showcasing case studies that demonstrate the exciting roles that apprentices and grads take on when they embrace a tech career. From providing technical expertise at Wimbledon to creating market leading apps or inputting into organisation’s cyber security capabilities, the possibilities are endless.

It’s not only an aspirational campaign: the Tech Partnership’s research shows that there are real opportunities for young people who choose tech as a career:

Excellent career prospects:

  • The tech sector contributes over £91 billion to the UK economy, three times that of sports and recreation, film, TV and gambling industries combined
  • The average salary for the industry is £37,960 compared to the UK average annual salary of £24960.
  • Almost three quarters of tech specialists are employed in professional roles compared to 20% of the workforce as a whole
  • 93 % employed full time vs 73% in the rest of the economy

A wealth of opportunities:

  • The tech industry expansion shows no sign of slowing down – it grew 8 per cent last year which is twice the rate of industry as a whole
  • The tech sector needs 134,000 new recruits every year
  • 99 per cent of employers expect to increase or maintain their tech specialist staff in 2015
  • 4 out of 10 (38%) large companies hired junior tech specialists last year

More than 500 employers have now joined the Tech Partnership, and they are working to create the digital skills for over one million jobs over the next decade through their range of innovative training and education programmes.

CEO O2 Telefonica UK and Tech Partnership Board member, Ronan Dunne, said:

“We’ve lived through a digital revolution – and it’s not over yet. Importantly, it’s no longer limited to the tech sector; we’re seeing its positive impact across all industries, from health to education, retail and the public sector.  Digital technology has been a driving force behind economic recovery and can continue to help the UK to compete on the global stage. But we’re only as good as the people and skills we have.

“Our research shows the UK needs 750,000 digital skilled workers by 2017.  We urgently need to plug this gap but if our focus remains solely on upskilling people we’re in danger of missing the mark. Government and educators need to inspire young people, our digital natives, to go after these jobs – whether that’s through career advice, work experience or mentoring – to future proof the economy.”

Young people that have already chosen to pursue tech through their higher education or through an apprenticeship are also encouraging this year’s cohort of GCSE and A-level students to choose tech. Former Tech Apprentice turned Apprenticeship Adviser for the Tech Partnership, Harry Goldie, said: “I was able to experience things that I never thought were possible and I owe it all to the great start I had in my career doing an apprenticeship. IT is now within every business, in every work stream and the skills you gain from your apprenticeship would make you a valuable employee in any organisation.”

IT Management for Business undergraduate at UWE Bristol, Sanaya Khambata, said: “I am a huge fan of ITMB: it is not only a fantastic course where you gain both business and technical knowledge, but you also learn interpersonal skills that you can apply to situations later on in working life. There are also great opportunities to encourage women into IT, such as female only IT networking events.”