Tech Partnership Degrees alumni launch mentoring scheme for students and apprentices

by Christina Cole, Degrees Programme Manager

Tech Partnership Degrees alumni have set up a brand new mentoring scheme to help students, apprentices and graduates connect with the tech industry and employers.

Launched at the Tech Partnership South Event on 15th March, the year-long mentoring programme will have 6 structured sessions to help mentees connect with the tech industry, with the flexibility for them to shape the programme.

Ryan said:“Throughout the years as an ITMBer I have been fortunate to have met many Alumni at the North and South events, some of which have acted as an unofficial mentor and have helped with both my degree and my career.”

Together with ITMB (IT Management for Business) alumnus Christian Giraud, now at SAS, and Jon Carman, now at GSK, Ryan and the team offered students the opportunity to join the scheme as a prize at the Tech Partnership South Event. Nine students were assigned to a mentor from a list of alumni from 6 organisations.

The alumni of the degrees have long been a positive influence for the Tech Partnership. Many attend important meetings to offer advice and input into degree activities, network at Tech Partnership student/employer events and help to judge the annual employer-sponsored competitions.

The two Tech Partnership-accredited degrees now have over 2,000 graduates since it was developed with employers in 2005, and the newer, more technical degree SDfB (Software Development for Business) will have its first cohort of graduates this summer.

Graduates of the ITMB degree have gone on to some of the UK’s top employers and employment rates remain high with most graduates going on to technology consultancy, marketing, banking and tech start-ups within six months of graduation.

Many alumni have  progressed quickly through their careers and ITMB alumnus Ryan Clifford, now at Barclays, identified an opportunity that would allow the alumni to ‘give back’ and pass on their experiences to students and apprentices of The Tech Partnership tech programmes.

Karen Price, CEO of the Tech Partnership said:“We’re delighted to support this scheme and highly commend the efforts of Ryan and the team to take the initiative to build a community that will highly benefit students and apprentices. We look forward to following the development of the scheme over the next year and seeing the positive influence that the mentors will have on the students and apprentices starting their career journeys”