ITMB students stop Brexit becoming Techxit in country-wide competition

Students of the Tech Partnership’s ITMB degree had their work cut out for them, last week, as they worked on start-up ideas to keep the tech sector booming in a post-Brexit Britain.

Part of a country-wide competition, students devised tech start-up ideas to attract investment from global firms and increase productivity in the wake of the referendum decision this June.

Among the ideas put forward to the panel – comprising employers of tech professionals from across sectors – was a software solution that used big data and empathy mapping to promote high-achieving employees, and ‘virtual punch-in’ app that connected international talent to remote working opportunities.

Second year Oxford Brookes student Kainat, whose idea was to create a performance based app to help employees manage their time and communication, earned second place and said:

“I was so happy to win second place along with my team mate Andrew. We worked so hard and it felt good to be recognised for our efforts. During one of the networking events, I spoke to Capgemini and told them about the idea, they loved it.

“Capgemini even said they culd see if being developed and marketed to the UK market. This whole process has taught be so much about innovation and team working which are so important in a work place.”

The winning idea went to 2nd-year students at Queen Mary University of London, whose idea to create a peer-to-peer currency exchange app won over judges to scoop the £500 prize fund.

Bob Clift, Head of Degree Programmes at the Tech Partnership, said: “The judges were incredibly pleased with the level of entries. All teams demonstrated excellent teamwork and planning in their presentations.

“The judges were particularly impressed with Queen Mary’s as we all felt it answered the brief perfectly and showed a real level of skill and teamwork throughout their presentation.”

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