From cyber security to mobile computing: How all sectors are embracing digital technology

Digital technology is now vital to all industries. Businesses have increasingly turned to the internet to communicate, sell and market, with research showing that 80% of UK businesses now have a website and 95% rely on access to the internet daily.

So as every business becomes a digital business, technologies like cyber security, mobile computing, cloud technology and big data analytics are becoming increasingly important.

The following stats refer to those four strategic technologies and how they are being embraced across different industries including tech, finance and the public sector.

1. Big data analytics

Big Data graphic

The process of examining large amounts of data, from market trends to consumer preferences is critical for businesses, with outcomes including more effective marketing, new revenue opportunities, better customer service and improved operational efficiency.

Yet only 14% of tech firms are embracing this technology followed by 12% of finance companies. The biggest user of big data analytics? The public sector – implemented by 15% of the organisations within it.

2.  Cloud computing

Cloud Computing graphic

Long gone are the unreliable days of floppy disks, managing your files on remote servers, rather than a local server or a personal computer, is now seen as one of the most reliable ways to keep your data safe and easily accessible.

That’s why 54% of finance companies have adopted this technology compared with 52% of tech firms. Only 22% of public sector organisations have done the same dropping to 19% among the rest of UK industry.

3. Mobile computing

Mobile Computing graphic

Mobile Computing is a technology that allows data, voice and video to be transmitted via a computer or any other enabled device without having to be connected to a fixed physical link. In short, a wireless revolution.

A significant 78% of tech firms embrace wireless technology. They’re leaps ahead of the financial and public sector, 60- 61% of which claim to adopt this technology.

4. Cyber security systems

Cyber Security graphic

With the ever-increasing threat from cyber criminals, it’s no surprise that the most utilised strategic technology on the list is Cyber Security systems.

The public sector is the largest adopter of cyber security with 83% of organisations adopting this technology. This is closely followed by 81% of tech firms. However financial services are slower to adopt at only 59% compared with 58% of all other UK industries.

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