Capgemini delivers top grad tips

Coinciding with Capgemini’s announcement that it will be launching its prestigious 2016 graduate scheme, Head of Graduate and Apprentice Recruitment at Capgemini, Stephanie Bishop, delivers some top advice for graduates exploring new careers.

1. What is one of the most common mistakes you see graduates make on their CVs?

The most common mistake is for graduates not to include a punchy introductory paragraph that explains why we should employ them. It is so important that graduates fully understand the culture of the organisation, the skills and experience we are looking for and then tailor their CV to demonstrate that they are a good fit for the role.

2. How can graduates highlight their skills if they are lacking in experience? 

At university students have the opportunity to get involved in many activities where they will develop transferrable skills; we are as interested in these as we are in work experience. For example, if they were involved in a society – what did they achieve and how? Also, students all participate in group work – what was their role and how did they contribute to the group’s success?

3. How do recruiters help graduates – what makes them different to other candidates?

Graduates will generally be applying to multiple employers during their job search. At Capgemini we try to share as much information as possible with graduates to help them make an informed decision on whether or not this is the place they want to work. We do this by having a lot of information available on our website. We are very active on social media, including Twitter and Facebook, and our graduates write blogs. We also often connect candidates up with our current graduates so that they can share their experiences through network events, webinars and informal chats.

We help our graduates prior to assessment centre by taking them through the format of the day to help them to prepare. Afterwards, those who do not pass our assessment centres are provided with detailed feedback with suggestions on how they could improve their performance.

4. What is the biggest challenge graduates face when looking for work in 2015?

There are so many diverse companies and career opportunities available now, knowing which company and which role to apply to must be challenging.

5. If you were to give a graduate looking for work a piece of advice in one sentence, what would that advice be?

Do your research into the company and the role you are applying to, try to connect with people who are working for the company to hear firsthand experience. As well as helping in their decision making process, it will also help them in the assessment process to explain why they wish to work for that particular employer and why they are a good fit.

Capgemini will offer three schemes – technical, business, and management consultancy – to 236 graduates of both technical and nontechnical degrees.

Graduates and final year university students can apply via the Capgemini website.