Industry Insights

Available exclusively to ITMB and SDfB students, Industry Insights are lectures, webinars and classes run by a host of tech thoughtleaders. These industry experts share understanding of the tech world, their role, and how they got there. They’re a great way to discover exciting new technologies, projects and careers and to gain understanding of what you need to get there. Lectures are held at individual universities and video recordings are available to all ITMB and SDfB students.


Themes for 2017/18

  • Internet of Things: How is it shaping our future?
  • Cyber Attack Protection: Is cybercrime the biggest challenge for UK’s business industry.
  • Big Data: There is so much data out there on us but how do these insights add value?
  • Customer Experience: the number one priority for all businesses.
  • Robot Wars: Is the next generation of machines taking over?
  • Going Digital: From shopping to film making, everything is digital.
  • Interpersonal Skills: CV and application advice, how to develop interpersonal skills such as communicating, group work and presenting.

Contact if you are interested in delivering lectures over the 2017/2018 academic year.