Student Ambassadors

Why do we need student ambassadors?

Universities have Ambassadors, also known as Student Reps, mostly elected by fellow students to represent the student voice at university staff meetings. The Tech Partnership degrees also have Student Ambassadors – the difference is that you are selected by your Course Director or you volunteer to us, you attend meetings in London with other Ambassadors from different universities, and you meet a range of companies that you could work for in the future.

The student ambassador role is an important opportunity for the students of the Tech Partnership accredited degree courses.

The role of the student ambassador is to cover these main areas:

Feedback and assistance with employer engagement – This could include helping us organise meetings and events either at a university or employer location such as mock assessment centres, master classes or industry lectures.

Marketing and promotion to young people – we are always in need of fresh and exciting content for promoting the Tech Partnership Degrees programmes to the 16-19 year old target audience. This could include videos, pictures, presentations, blogs, social media campaigns.

Why should I become a Tech Partnership Student Ambassador?


Being a Student Ambassador is a great way to give back to your university and add important attributes to your CV.

Your views matter-you are the key contact between students and the Tech Partnership degrees: this is your opportunity to give feedback, make the most of employers’ time, and tell us how we can add more value to your course. For example, how valuable are the Industry Insight lectures? What can we do to improve the Student/Employer events? Is there anything you can do to help employer interaction at your university?

You will get to meet alumni and employers at Ambassador Meetings- a great chance to network with influencers from different organisations.

The most committed Ambassadors will be recognised by the Tech Partnership through achievement awards and references/recommendations for your CV. Meet like minded students from other universities. The experience will give you confidence working in groups and presenting your ideas.

Your role as a Student Ambassador

The Tech Partnership Degrees organisation has a key mission for its degrees for 2018-19; to spread the word to prospective students, parents and teachers about its degree courses and to increase its student numbers.We also need essential student feedback about your course so that we can plan the next academic year to ensure that our students are getting the most out of the opportunities that we provide to you such as; events, competitions, industry insight lectures and online communications such as the Community and the new LinkedIn Group.

Some of the tasks we need your help with include:

School Visits – Find out from your university what their targeted local schools are. We encourage ambassadors to get in touch with schools/colleges and see if they have a time for you to attend and give a talk to A level students about your course. We will keep you informed of opportunities too as schools and colleges get in touch with us direct.

TP Degrees LinkedIn Group – The TP Degrees LinkedIn Group is the social platform for students and employers to engage and interact with each other. It is also where all the latest events, competition deadlines and updates will be posted by Tech Partnership Degrees. As ambassadors, your role is to encourage your course mates to join the app and actively use it to ensure that no student misses out on any of the employer related activities that is provided to you.

Organising events for your university – If there is a demand for event such as mock assessment centres, CV clinics, hackathons, industry lectures of anything else that may help you and your course mates with your career progression, we can help you set it up. We need ambassadors to be the point of contact for organising these events at your universities or local areas.

Please provide regular updates to us via the TP Degrees linkedIn Group. Any concerns or questions, please contact


Once you have signed up to attend a Student Ambassador meeting or webinar, you must commit yourself to attending. If you are not able to, you must either find a replacement or let us know well in advance. Deadlines must be taken seriously and you must let us know well in advance if you cannot complete your tasks. Awards and references/recommendations will only be given to those that we feel have given the full commitment to their role.

We will communicate to you via our TP Degrees LinkedIn Group and/or email so ensure that you respond to any communications.