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About Stack Recruitment

Stack Recruitment is a non-profit recruitment agency for autistic job-seekers. We help autistic individuals find meaningful employment with inclusive employers.

Over 60% of all autistic adults are unemployed. Its time to change that and make our workforces more neurodiverse. Through Stack Recruitment’s support, we’ve created a service that supports autistic adults to find meaningful employment with inclusive employers.

When we talk about employment, we’re not talking about voluntary or temporary positions. We’re talking about permanent roles in organisations where employees can learn new skills, develop their passions and build their career. We want employers to experience the benefits of autistic talent and create a fantastic, neurodiverse workforce.

Tailored support for autistic job-seekers

Our job coaching service supports individuals to find, gain and retain meaningful employment. Our specialist job coaches can help with CV development, applications, interview practice and strength building. We realise that people have different communication preferences, which is why we offer meetings in person, virtually or over the phone.

For employers, this ensures their candidates and employees are fully supported, which takes the pressure off HR departments. This provides an inpartial space to talk about any problems that may arise, while fostering communication between managers and employees.

To start your job search, head to our website to submit your CV or for more information. A member of our team will then contact you regarding next steps and to start your job-search.

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