Department for Work & Pensions

About DWP

Responsible for welfare, pensions and child maintenance policy, DWP transacts around £170 billion in payments each year, operates out of more than 800 locations and has over 84,000 employees. We run one of the most complex IT estates in Western Europe.

The large-scale digital transformation we’re undergoing has created a wealth of new and exciting job opportunities. We’re using cutting-edge design, data and innovative technologies to create faster, simpler, user-centred services for more than 20 million people.

Digital careers with DWP

Along with HMRC, we’re one of the biggest government departments for recruitment into digital jobs in Newcastle and Leeds, with around 4,000 colleagues across the UK.

We’re transforming digital services for millions of UK citizens, and we’re recruiting for digital jobs across the country. We offer digital careers in agile delivery, software engineering, DevOps, product design, user research, data science, along with many other tech, IT and digital careers.

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