GSK: John Cavanagh, ‘Going Digital’

John CavanaghGSK


Biography: John Cavanagh, Technology Partner, GSK

“I studied ITMB at Northumbria University from 2010-2014, including my placement year at GSK. I ended up never leaving GSK, working part-time during my final year and then straight back into a permanent role in July 2014.

I joined GSK via the direct entry route, and not via the graduate scheme and went into IT business partnering role within our corporate IT division, with specific accountability for IT to GSK Global Trade Marks department in Legal.

In March 2016 I moved into a management role as IT Business Process Partner for Corporate Communications and Corporate Secretariat, two of our global support functions. In this role, I partnered with these functions to define their IT strategies, managed the IT demand and was accountable for a portfolio of projects and services supporting them. I had a particular focus on internal communications and collaboration technologies that allowed our communicators to reach as many GSK employees as possible, whilst measuring the impact of these communication campaigns. This included analytics implementations on our global intranet and the deployment of an internal email campaign tool, Poppulo.

Most recently, I have moved into a role on the Digital Employee Experience programme, being led by the Office of CEO. This in an enterprise initiative aimed at making employees lives easier at work in their interaction with our digital ecosystem. I am specifically accountable for the delivery of the employee digital hub platform (Office 365 + Akumina) whilst also serving as Tech Partner to the wider Digital Employee Experience team. In this remit, I’m looking at: Digital Adoption and Piloting new tech quickly (a HUGE challenge at GSK today) and defining Smart Aggressive business processes that allow us to test new tech quickly, gather data, test again and then deploy if successful.

Lecture Topic: ‘Going Digital’

Northumbria University – TBC

The subject of my insights lecture will be employee digital experiences and how the tech function and digital must be an enabler in the workplace.”