DevTech: Branko Dzakula, ‘Security Awareness’

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Biography: Branko Džakula, Chief Information Security Officer, DevTech

Branko is a renowned cybersecurity expert from Montenegro. Started his career in Telenor, gaining deep insight into data transport and how to secure it. From 2g to 5g networks he watched the evolution of data transfer and the way security evolved with it. Years later his career took a flight to a Serbian national airline, Air Serbia, where he had an opportunity to build information security management system (ISMS) from the ground up.

Securing a large airline company does not come as an easy task, but team effort and group synergies served as the best and modern approach that he had a pleasure to be a part of. His recent transfer to a young software development company, DevTech is a move towards the progressive market and the proof of his relentless efforts to stay at the top of the game.

Branko is a certified ISO 27001 lead implementer, PECB, ISACA & IEEE member, specializing in Security Awareness, Risk Management, and Secure Software Development Lifecycle.

Lecture Topic: ‘Security Awareness, and why is it essential’

University College London (UCL) – TBC

Information security awareness is a crucial factor and the first line of defence in any industry, independent of organizations core business or its size. Proper education of employees on how to handle sensitive company data, identify and react to everyday security threats is a cost-free approach that will mitigate the highest risks and significantly raise organisations security posture. This all can and should be applied to our everyday lives first. How can we achieve this first step?

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