PepsiCo: Joe Kirk-Macaulay, ‘Data Driven Marketing’

Joe Kirk-Macaulay

Biography: Joe Kirk-Macaulay, Digital Development Lead, Europe & Sub-Saharan Africa, PepsiCo International

I started my journey into tech in 2008 through the ITMB degree programme, before this I hadn’t really shown much interest in IT. My main discipline was business-studies, however at the time due to a change of course offer I landed on ITMB. Looking back this was the best thing that could have happened to me and to shape my future career.

On my placement year I went to work at PepsiCo as a Junior Functional Analyst looking after the IT systems on all the UK production lines for the key UK brands: Quaker, Walkers and Tropicana.

Once I finished my degree I returned to PepsiCo working on projects in the same team. For the first 3 years of being back I led the upgrade of our OS from XP to Win7 on the line-side, putting this in context it’s a bit like changing the wheel on a car whilst it’s travelling down the motorway. I managed multiple other projects before arriving in my current role back in December 2015.

I am now responsible for Digital Innovation and Development across the ESSA sector (Russia, Europe & Sub-Saharan Africa). We are looking at new ways to connect with our consumers. Creating experiences that drive engagement and direct shopper choices. My current area of focus is looking at how we can utilise social media channels to drive media to shelf decisions.

Lecture: Data Driven Marketing

Held on 23rd October 2017, at Loughborough University

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