SAS: Peter Pugh-Jones, ‘Intelligent Ecosystems and the Internet of Things’


Peter Pugh-Jones

Peter Pugh-Jones, Head of Streaming Analytics & IoT, SAS Institute, UK

Pete or PPJ was first hooked on technology and gadgets building a kit computer (Sinclair ZX81) as a child.

A keen open source user and contributor, Pete is also a strong proponent of combining the right software solutions and products, proprietary or otherwise, to help architect the very best production ready platforms for his customers.

After spending several years as a technology consultant in financial services, in 2006 Pete turned his interest towards helping customers solve the challenges of Banking Risk Management, where he helped deliver solutions for high profile companies in Australia, China, Canada, the USA and the UK.

Occasionally frustrated by overly complex and inefficient batch processing systems, Pete joined SAS in 2011 to focus on in-memory, high performance and streaming analytics. Having contributed to successful enterprise risk platform rollouts at some of SAS’s largest banking customers, Pete became the Streaming Analytics Lead for SAS UK in early 2015.

Petes’ varied, experience in technology, gadgets and projects over the last 27 years, lends itself to him providing unique insights about the exciting world of The Internet of Things and Streaming Analytics, having not only been there and done that in many cases, but also in looking to the future and what it all might mean, for any industry.

In his spare time Pete works on various connected device projects, often involving Rasberry Pi’s, sensors, robots, GPU processing and streaming analytics, but can occasionally be found online in Destiny, Elite Dangerous and rarely, SWTOR.

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Lecture: ‘Intelligent Ecosystems and the Internet of Things’

Hosted by the University of West London

How the evolution of the Internet of things mirrors the evolution of complex, naturally evolving ecosystems.

Perhaps we are ‘playing at god’ after all?

The relationships between creatures, plants and ecology of the planet on which we live is an incredible story of symbiotic systems continuously evolving, failing, adapting and improving over, (in the case of our planet), 4.5 billion years of what you could argue is part of the longest running, deep learning algorithm of all.

At the dawn of this new age of autonomous connected devices and AI enhanced software & hardware, let’s examine what we really mean by the internet of things today and how the evolution of technology will inevitably mirror the evolution of our natural ecosystems on the planet as it fundamentally changes how we live, work and play into the future.

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