McLaren: Chris Alexander, ‘Software Development and IT in F1’


Bio: Chris Alexander, Software Engineer, McLaren Racing

Chris is a software engineer for McLaren Racing, where he works on their cutting-edge integrated data analysis and simulation platform, in addition to a wide variety of software for use by different parts of the F1 team. In addition to software development, his responsibilities include supporting the race team both from McLaren’s Mission Control in Woking, Surrey as well as trackside at venues around the world.


Guru Lecture: Software Development and IT in F1

Hosted by University College London, on 24th November 2016

Find out how software development and IT are used in the cutting-edge, fast-paced engineering environment of Formula 1. How does software fit in to the various parts of the racing team? How does a software development team manage to keep up with the rapidly changing requirements an F1 weekend produces? What is the role of a software developer during a race weekend? And how does IT play a part in taking the cars racing.