Amazon Workshop: Dean Bryen, ‘Voice: Designing and Developing for the Future of UX’


Bio: Dean Bryen, Voice/AI Evangelist, Cloud Architect, Public Speaker, Amazon

Dean is a passionate IT Expert with over 10 years experience. He currently works for Amazon where he is a Technology Evangelist. Dean covers all new technologies within Amazon and is responsible for enabling the developer community with the knowledge and tools required to leverage them.

He is a subject matter expert on Voice Interfaces, IoT and Server-less computing.

In his last role, Dean was a Solutions Architect @ Amazon Web Services and he prior to that he has been involved in both high growth start-ups and large enterprises in various technical positions.

Lecture: ‘Voice – Designing and Developing for the future of User Experience’

Hosted by Aston University on 8th November and by Oxford Brookes University on 20 February 2017

Voice interfaces will be the future of how users interact with technology. In this lecture, we will start off by looking at why voice interaction is the next big thing and how to design for voice (it’s very different and has its own challenges). Then we’ll dive into the tech and look at how to easily build voice enabled apps using the Amazon Alexa and Echo technologies.

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Lecture Recording: 8th November 2016 at Aston University

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