Shell: Chris D’Souza, ‘Internet of Things’


Biography: Chris D’Souza, General Manager for IT Strategy and Portfolio, Shell

Chris has been a General Manager for IT Strategy and Portfolio at Shell since 2011. He works in the Connected Digital Technologies (CDT) portfolio in the Projects and Technologies division. The CDT portfolio develops new technology platforms, applications and capabilities using mobile, big data, telematics and IoT. Most recently he has been exploring the opportunities around connected cars. His work particularly focuses on the early stages of innovation, maturing concepts and business cases, and formulating multi-year investment plans.

Chris’ career at Shell over the last 12 years has involved a number of global roles, including 7 years in Retail, frequently in the interface between business and IT.

Before joining Shell, Chris was an associate director at HBOS bank and a UK based IT consultancy.

Chris is a UK citizen and lives in London with his family. He enjoys listening and playing music as well as photography.

Guru Lecture: When you can’t do IT alone – A case study in handling collaborative IT innovation

There are many new technological opportunities emerging almost daily in the IT world. Consumer technology has brought high powered, smart, connected devices to the pocket of people around the world. Large corporations are increasingly finding that their competition is no longer from their international peers, but equally likely from smaller, dynamic SMEs and start-ups. Furthermore it is no longer possible for even the largest company to “do it all themselves”.

Collaboration, between companies large and small, therefore is required to exploit new IT opportunities – balancing ‘technology push’ with ‘ business pull’. Although collaborative innovation brings benefits with it, there are also challenges faced. Technology choices, IP, standardisation, legal, financial, business modelling, integrated planning – these are all aspects and skills that the IT innovator needs to have both awareness and a degree of competence, in order to succeed. These aspects are particular prevalent with the latest Smart and Connected technologies.

This talk, using recent examples from Shell innovation activities, shows how the promise of new technology must be linked to hard-headed business reality, in order to succeed.

Watch Chris’s Guru Lecture Below: