CGI: Gemma Flack, ‘Internet of Things – what do emerging technologies mean for businesses?’


Biography: Gemma Flack, Internet of Things Consultant

Gemma is an Internet of Things Consultant. She graduated from Cardiff University in 2011 and has been working for CGI since then. She currently works in the propositions team to develop and manage our award winning Internet of Things Proposition and as a pre sales consultant works with clients around how they use emerging technologies like the Internet of Things to find tangible business benefit. She works to develop key collateral and marketing initiatives alongside the technical team. She has worked alongside a number of different clients and spent time with a number of areas in CGI developing specific propositions for the Commercial Enterprise Markets sector and managing campaigns as appropriate. She has gained significant experience in the Retail sector throughout her time at CGI. Gemma has a keen interest in innovation and social media, and enjoys applying this into several sectors.

Guru Lecture: Internet of Things – What do emerging technologies mean for business?

Lecture Abstract: The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the latest technology trends that’s capturing business and consumer attention. You only have to scan the press, analyst reports and social media to realise how big the potential is for IoT. However is the hype really justified? Many of you will be asking what is IoT…and how does it differ from Machine 2 Machine (M2M)? How will companies turn this trend into a business reality…and make it pay? What are the likely benefits IoT will bring to businesses and consumers and if it’s so all-encompassing, where do you start?

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