HP: Bob McEwan, ‘The new style of IT’

Biography: Bob McEwan, UKI Presales Consulting Manager / Chief Technologist

Bob McEwan is the Presales Manager and Chief Technologist for the UK & Ireland Enterprise Group.

He has been with HP for over twenty years, joining through the Tandem (NonStop) and Compaq companies. He leads an organisation of 86 people who are responsible for supporting Enterprise Servers, Storage and Networking Technology sales into the UK&I market. Bob has extensive knowledge of HP’s technologies including NonStop, Unix and Windows-based servers as well as a range of Storage and Networking infrastructures. He has presented at a number of Cloud events on behalf of HP and its partners.

Bob works with his team and major customers to identify the best options for HP’s customer base as the industry continues to evolve and develop. He has worked with many major customers on opportunities ranging from Strategy discussions to Cloud implementation, taking into account changing demographics, customer needs, and technology changes.

Prior to joining Tandem, Bob worked for Burroughs (now Unisys) as a Large Systems Specialist, supporting mainframe sales into major customers. Bob has a degree in Computer Science from Heriot-Watt University.

Lecture: ‘The new style of IT’

In Bob’s lecture, he’ll cover the following:

  • Trends Shaping the New Style of IT
  • HP IT Today
  • HP IT Strategy
  • Initiatives
  • Lessons Learned