HP: David Chalmers, ‘The world is changing, are you ready?’

Biography: David Chalmers, Chief Technologist and Vice President, Enterprise Group, EMEA, HP

As the Chief Technologist for HP’s Enterprise Group (focused on Enterprise Sever, Storage, networking and supporting Services) in EMEA, David works with the corporate sales teams providing advice, guidance and support to customers. David is able to articulate HP’s view on how the industry is changing, how HP is shaping it and how HP can best aid the customer. Previously, David was the CTO for ESSN, UK&I for 3 years.

David has 30-years experience working for vendors and suppliers in business technology solutions. Prior to joining HP, he held a diverse range of senior roles working with customers in the Enterprise area.

David was also European Technology Director for mid-range business at IBM and ran the European Technology center of Sequent Computer Systems for their leading UNIX servers, working with customers on benchmarking and proof of concept ideas for high end solution performance work.

He worked at fault tolerant supplier Stratus, a leading mainframe software supplier and gained experience in pre-sales, product and project management with Data General at the start of his career.

David holds a B.Sc degree in Computing Science from Aberdeen University in Scotland.

Lecture: ‘The World is changing … are you ready?’

“Right now, and continuing over the next several years, we are going to see the greatest level of change that the IT industry has experienced. This will be caused by many factors and in this talk, David will explore what some of the key ones are and how we all will have to change and adapt if we are going to be successful. David will in particular talk about the impact that today’s “Digital Native” is having on IT, Industry and Society at large.”