Hot Chilli Consulting: Helen Toogood, ‘Developing your own Brand’

Biography: Helen Toogood, Hot Chilli Consulting

Helen owns and runs Hot Chilli Consulting – which focuses on bringing together people who share a passion for the value Technology can bring to society. She looks at the development and transformation of talented IT Leadership Teams to create the high performing teams which will make a difference to organisations through the value of Technology in the future.

Before setting up Hot Chilli Consulting Helen was a Vice President at Unilever, as part of the Global IT Leadership Team. She had responsibility for New Ways of Working – Changing the Culture and way we work, using IT as an enabler. She also led the IT Academy in Developing IT Professionals and Marketing the value of IT. During the first five years she led a Culture Change Programme within IT to create an ethos of Service Excellence. She played an active role in the development of Senior Women.

Helen has a passion for excellence and vitality delivered through people who enjoy life and work. This leads to a strong desire to see Real Diversity and the agile work patterns, styles and cultures to enable this. This challenges the paradigms of how we do business today.

Prior to Unilever, Helen worked in IBM as an Account Manager. The first 6 years being in South Africa during the birth of the Rainbow Nation. This time shaped Helen’s approach on Real Diversity, strongly influenced by a meeting with Nelson Mandela – a man who continues to inspire Helen as a truly brilliant leader.

The start of Helen’s career was in the Hospitality and Travel Industry. This was where she developed her passion and expertise in excellent Service and Customer Care.

Helen strongly believes in mentoring and coaching to encourage changes in perspectives and behaviours and has been actively involved in the Tower Hamlets School for Girls Mentoring programme, Computer Clubs for Girls and various individual mentoring relationships. She recently established a programme to Market Careers in IT to girls in School using a combination of Branding and Content which would appeal to engage girls of this age. Helen encourages reverse mentoring, where more junior members of an organisation will mentor the senior, board level executives around topics including the latest technologies, what today’s graduates want and what it feels like to be a woman in this organisation.

“Helen is an Inspirational Role Model, who is living what she preaches which makes it so much more powerful”
“Helen creates a warm, safe and challenging environment in the workshop. She is fun, enthusiastic and passionate about Talented Leaders, particularly women, reaching their full potential.”

Her life journey and career has seen her move towards her goal, culminating in the life she leads which effectively combine her family – Mark, James and Harry, dog Bruno and Hot Chilli Consulting.

Lecture: ‘Developing your own Brand’

Helen’s lecture explores the following:

• The importance of understanding your “Brand.”
• Introducing a Brand Framework Model which will help you map your authentic leadership style.
• Understanding the Impact you have on those around you – is it what you want? Is it congruent with your brand image?
• Giving and receiving constructive feedback – to understand the impact you have and others have on you.
• How do you enrol and engage your stakeholders to help you get and be what you want.
• The power of acknowledgement and celebration to promote success.