From Hackathons to Inspiring Event- My journey through ITMB


I’m about to go into my third year and I’m one of only 7 in my position in the whole of Scotland. My passion for this degree has grown stronger each year as I keep experiencing things that make me realise I’m part of something very special.I began my university career as a Computer Games student and within the first hour of my first day, I knew that it was not for me. I was desperate to be moved course and was in despair at the thought of suffering classes I really wasn’t interested in. It was then I was offered a place as an ITMB student and I couldn’t be more pleased that I accepted.

Times are exciting for me right now, I’ve been lucky enough to spend my summer as an Intern for Tesco Bank working in an IT Service Team and the skills and knowledge I’ve learned from this are invaluable. I’ve had the chance to grow and develop so much in the short space of time and learn so much more than I could have imagined. It’s motivated me to go back to university and soak up all the benefits of such a unique and helpful degree.

I’ve also had the chance to go to a number of events over the last year and these are completely underrated, the networking opportunities they provide are phenomenal and I genuinely believe ITMB students have an unfair advantage because of this, for example, Inspired by IBM; Women in ITMB (IBM HQ, London), ITMB North Event and Tesco Bank Hackathon.

I found it really hard to find a summer placement that I had enough knowledge and skills to do, most wanted students in their penultimate year and I gave up hope. However, I made a pact to myself to put on an act of false confidence and make the most of my day at the Tesco Bank Hackathon and it worked. I stood out, I impressed them and look where I am now. There are really no words to describe how valuable an opportunity it’s been and it gives me the drive to push myself at uni and go far.

This year I’ll be acting as a sponge and soaking up every opportunity that I can possibly get my hands on and pushing myself to get the best results I can. This degree has really brought out the best in me, it’s made me realise I’ve got potential and only made it stronger and I intend to take that all the way.

I also hope to give something back to The Tech Partnership/ ITMB Community and also to Tesco Bank throughout the next year. Both have given me life-changing opportunities and I hope I given something back in return.

I can’t stress enough how special this degree really is, speaking to professionals has made me realise this and the unique mix of modules make ITMB students so valuable and people are so interested when I talk about it.