Company research & questions


Company Research and Questions
How to research the company and what to ask your future employers?
Some students are stuck when it comes to asking smart questions and sometimes it’s simply difficult to come up with questions on the spot. The simple solution is to research the company.

Here are some exclusive tips straight from our employer group. These will help you plan your research about the company and prompt questions. Make notes to build your confidence before you get to interview. Discussion around the areas below will also help you decide if the company is right for you.

The key is for you to work through as much of these as you can.

1. Wikipedia

Use Wikipedia to research the company but don’t stop there, check the company in recent news, media and online forums. Find out about the history and what’s new, you should be aware of the key product or service.

2. What’s the Competition?
Find out about the direct competitors, what are the similarities and differences? This should enable you to ask some sensible questions and come across as engaging. It’s this sort of interest that leads to job opportunities.

3. Corporate Social Responsibility and Green credentials
This is an important part of all businesses now, research it well, it may spark discussion ideas. What is the company doing to be more socially and environmentally responsible? Why does it care?

4. Recession and growth
This will give you a great idea where the company is heading and make you sound interested.

How did you get through the recession? What are your growth plans? How are you controlling costs? Have they changed their property portfolio (eg moved out of London)? Are they taking in more graduates or red killing their workforce? How are they avoiding attrition now that the economy is picking up?

5. Future plans
Tech companies/departments change very quickly and keep an eye on trends to plan for the future.

Are they looking to invest more in marketing now or new products? How do they aspire to be seen externally?

6. How does the company manage graduate talent?
This is a good area to talk and shows your interest in learning and future career growth.

Who do you have in your company that joined as a graduate and is now a Senior Leader? How did they get there? How does your company recognise and nurture its top junior talent? What attributes do they look for? What do you feel is the most challenging part of this role?

What not to ask?
Don’t ask basic level information such as company values, objectives and global reach, it will show you haven’t checked their website!

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