My first year as a Software Development for Business Student- Ben Reitz, University of Sheffield

Ben Reitz, SDfB Student SDfB

Ben Reitz, Software Development for Business student, University of Sheffield 

When applying to study Software Development for Business at Sheffield, I was unaware that I would be one of the first people in the country to take this new and exciting course. I’ve learned so many important things this past year in lectures, labs and through the opportunities that the course provides.

I’ve gained many important skills which make up the foundations of software development. I’ve independently created a chess game that contains its own AI as well as an interactive website with many varied webpages. There was also a project that required me to program a robot to follow a predefined course using multiple light sensors. Different languages and syntaxes were needed for each of these projects (Java, HTML, CSS and Ruby), all of which I learned completely from scratch during the year!

A really eye-opening part of the course was being put into a team where we spoke to a client and developed a web-based Twitter application for the client’s fictional company.  We had to do this using modern agile development practices over the course of the academic year.  This gave me a lot of experience and insight into how many companies develop new software systems from scratch.

In April, I was invited to attend the first ever Software Development for Business degree event at the state-of-art IBM headquarters in London.  This day was filled with prominent keynote speakers sharing their fascinating insights into the technology industry as well as fun competitions and great opportunities to network with other students and companies interested in recruiting people like me.  I was fascinated by the tour around the IBM offices which showed off their dynamic development spaces and it was really interesting to hear how the teams create bespoke software solutions for their clients.

I’m really looking forward to the rest of the course as, now that I’ve gained a strong foundation in software development, I can build on it and work towards achieving the best result that I can. With the amount of support provided by the department and the Tech Partnership, I know that I can succeed in this competitive market and I look forward to whatever the future may bring.

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