2017 South Event: 1st Year Competition

Small/Medium businesses and digital transformation

South Event, 15th March 2017 

CA Technologies, Ditton Manor, Datchet 

(please ask your course leader about attendance to this event)

We live in a world where businesses are transforming through introducing new digital products, services and way of working. Using new technology not only to enable innovation and boost efficiency, but change the entire foundational components through an end to end systematic change of a business brings true competitive advantage. From being ‘glocal’, finding ways to engage with customers worldwide through a local lens to creating powerful optimised websites, businesses are deploying the four “megatrends” of cloud, big data, mobile and social technologies to craft new business models and revenue streams. Although this brings security risks, the benefits of digital transformation are huge; increased revenue, faster growth, operational efficiencies, high customer satisfaction, quick decision making and much more.Digital transformation- A journey to becoming an efficient business
Do you watch TV on BBC iPlayer and movies on Netflix? Discover songs on Spotify? Many companies have totally disrupted industries such as music and entertainment. Others have digitally transformed their entire way of business. Household brands like Argos have revamped from catalogues to digital displays, IKEA uses augmented reality for you to picture items in your homes and many banks are experiencing challenging times, as we – the customers, are moving towards mobile banking.

In the Digital Age, ‘digital’ is at the heart of every business and is not only about the end product, it is about making a real cultural change, transforming business operations, how employees work and creating new business models.

Competition Question:

How will you digitally transform your small or medium business?

Create a large A1 poster to show how you plan to digitally transform your small or medium business and present it to your company’s leadership board. In your team identify a business problem, think about the technology solution along with the transformed business elements and organisational changes. Present your idea with business justification to a panel of employer judges.

The Task

Bring one A1 poster to the event illustrating your idea. You should research a business problem, the solution explaining how you plan to digitally transform the business and business
1. Identify and explain the business problem (industry if relevant)
2. Explain your tech solution. Explain the elements of business you plan to transform with the solution. How is it unique?
3. Who is your target audience? How does it solve a problem and/or add value?
4. Marketing/Promotion: how will you grow your solution and/or ensure it is widely adopted?
5. Think about your business model along with cost, risks/limitations.
6. What is the current competition?


Your team will present the poster in front of a panel of judges on 15th March 2017, South Event at CA Technologies, Slough. Employers will select winner based on the overall idea, innovation, business considerations, presentation and team work.

Competition Rules:
– One team per university per year group*. Maximum 8 members per team.
– Create a poster and pitch your idea as a team.
– You will have a maximum of 7 minutes to present your idea. This will be followed by a 3-minute Q&A session led by the judges.
– As you arrive on the day, please register your team with the Tech Partnership welcome team and ensure you make a note of your allotted presentation slot. Please ensure you wait outside the competition zone 10 minutes before your start time.

– Please submit your team to degrees@thetechpartnership.com by 5pm Friday 3rd March at the latest with your team names, university and year group. You do not need to submit your ideas. Any teams registered after this date will not be allowed to compete unless agreed otherwise.

*The number of teams per year group from each university is determined by how large your cohorts are. if you have a year group cohort of 40+ students, your university may submit 2 teams per year group. If over 100+, 3 teams max can be registered. Please speak to your course leader if you are unsure.