2017 South Event: 2nd/Final Year Competition

Team registration deadline: Friday 3rd March 2017 5pm

In 2014, the Guardians of Peace (GOP) claimed to be the group behind hacking their way into Sony Pictures unreleased movies and thousands of confidential employee data, FBI blamed North Korea for the cyberattack. More recently, a breach into the Chinese company VTech left 6.7 million parents and 200,000 children seriously affected when photos and chat logs were hacked. Along with greater business benefits and opportunities the internet also brings huge risks, prompting businesses to protect against unauthorised access or theft of their computer based equipment and information.

With increased use of connectivity many organisations are under pressure to be more ‘open’. From unhappy employers releasing sensitive information to competitors to highly targeted “phishing” attacks created through data from social networking sites, it is impossible to eliminate all threats.

However, protection against cyber threats on key business areas such as online services, intellectual property and personal data can significantly reduce risks.
Cybersecurity no longer plays a small part in the IT department, companies are incorporating it as a key part of business strategy, with many conducting simulated cyberattacks or developing sophisticated capabilities to identify emerging threats. Although budgets for cyberattack protection are growing, they are not in line with the rising threats, as polled by Institute of Information Security Professionals (IISP).

Competition Question:

How will you solve the greatest cyber challenge faced by your company?
Explain the business and industry, identify the key cyber threat and present your solution. Present your idea with business justification to a panel of employer judges.

The Task
1. You should identify the cyber threat; and your idea should clearly provide a solution that eliminates or significantly reduces the cyber threat.
2. Explain your idea, how is it unique?
3. Who is your target audience? How does it solve a problem and/or add value?
4. Marketing/Promotion: how will you grow your solution and/or ensure it is widely adopted?
5. Think about your business model along with cost, risks/limitations and why a company should invest in your solution?
6. What is the current competition?
Your team will present in front of a panel of judges on 15th March 2017, South Event at CA Technologies, Slough. Employers will select winner based on the overall idea, innovation, business considerations, presentation and team work.

Department for Culture, Media & Sport press release
CBI – The Cyber Threat of Growing Business

Competition Rules:
– One team per university per year group*. Maximum 8 members per team.
– Create a slide show presentation to pitch your idea.
– You will have access to a laptop and internet in the room- please bring your presentation on a USB stick and bring it with you to the competition room.
– If you are creating an online presentation or any online media, please ensure you have back-ups that you can show offline, in case of any internet problems or occurrences.
– You will have a maximum of 7 minutes to present your idea. This will be followed by a 3-minute Q&A session led by the judges.
– As you arrive on the day, please register your team with the Tech Partnership welcome team and ensure you make a note of your allotted presentation slot. Please ensure you wait outside the competition zone 10 minutes before your start time.

– Each team MUST register their team to degrees@thetechpartnership.com by 5pm on 3rd March simply stating their university, year group, ITMB or SDfB/SEB and team member names. Any teams that do not register before the day cannot compete at the event. 

*If your university has a year group cohort of 40+, your university may submit 2 teams per year group. If over 100+, 3 teams max can be registered. We strongly advise having ‘knock out rounds’ before the day to give all students a chance to take part and determine which team will attend the final event and compete with other universities. Please speak to your course leader if you are unsure.