April 2015 – TCS Wearable Tech Challenge


Wearable Technology

To be presented at the Software Development for Business Event

The idea of wearable computers has been around for a while but only now have computer power, data connectivity and phones allowed us to think about adopting it. From smart watches and Google Glass to fitness trackers, this new wave of technology brings information quicker to you than checking a smart phone! We are seeing an ever evolving application of internet connected devices in everyday life situations. With wearables translating physical movement into digital data, we are able to control and manage devices and analyse our own physical performance. There are no boundaries with wearables. It is already impacting the world of health, medicine and games. According to Gartner, the strongest consumer base for wearable technology is fitness enthusiasts, but wider interest in these devices is leading to broader adoption. Each industry sector is searching for ways that wearable electronics can enhance both their business and their consumers’ experience. Competition Question: How can you change the world with Wearable Technology? Submit an innovative solution that uses wearable technology to solve a real-world problem. Thinking about the future, develop your idea and share it through an advert.

The Task
Your idea (product or service) should think about the problem, impact on its audience and the environment context.

1. Choose an industry/area (for example medicine, education, sport), explain the problem and background adding context to the issue.

2. What is your product?

3. How does it resolve the problem?

4. How can it be developed? Look into the technology and business model taking into account any limitations of the product. [Implementation] Software students to look into the technologies used, platforms, what’s out there and a high level development plan.

5. How will you market it to your audience? For such a new technology it is important to consider how will you ensure the product is widely adopted?

6. Is it unique? How does your product stand against competition? How will it benefit your chosen industry?

7. At the March Software Degree Student Event your group will present the idea in front of an employer panel; the presentation should include your advert.

Competition Rules:
Please note the deadlines are being extended.

? Minimum 3 in a team. A maximum of 8 students per team.

? Register your team by Friday 6th March 2015 via email softwaredegree@thetechpartnership.com [email to include: University Name, Team Name, all member names and a brief description of your idea]

? Submit your Advert by Friday 27th March 2015 if it is in electronic form.

? Employers will select the winner based on the overall idea, innovation, business considerations, presentation and team work.

? Presentation small print:

? Use presentation tools of your choice.

? You will have access to internet and laptop, if you are bringing your own laptop or want to submit a USB please inform us in advance.

? You will have a maximum of 7 minutes to present your idea to the judges on the day which will include showing your YouTube trailer. This will be followed by a 5 minute Q&A session.

? For all queries contact us softwaredegree@e-skills.com

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Apple Pay and Apple Watch are on the way to revolutionise the mobile payment where you will be able to securely pay for goods without your card (even without your card details) and at the wave of your wrist (with Apple Watch).

Here you can find the basic info explaining Apple Pay and how it’s integrated with Apple Watch: http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/3eff6c22-38f6-11e4-a53b-00144feabdc0.html#axzz3DaFlDa5h

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