2016 North Event: 1st Year Competition

Gamify your Business

Gamifying your business

Final presentations: At the Tech Partnership North Event 17th November 2016 

Deadline to register your team: Friday 4th November 2016

Prizes: Cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners including the Tech Partnership trophy. To be awarded at the Winners Showcase at the North Event

Please read all the details carefully before entering your team.

The most successful augmented reality (AR) game ever, Pokémon Go, is taking over homes, restaurants, bars, gyms and all public places imaginable, by using real-world locations as it’s playing field. The phenomenal craze has led to sponsored locations of ‘Pokéstops’, boosting sales and customer attraction for many businesses worldwide

Unlike Pokémon Go, in some cases gaming technology has been used specifically for business benefit.

Deloitte uses a gaming app to recruit young apprentices, ODBC Bank of Singapore uses an online game Playmoolah to teach children financial literacy and the military is known for deploying gaming simulations during training sessions. The concept of ‘gamification’, using gaming techniques and mechanics to engage customers, has been around for a while, most commonly through collecting points at coffee houses or restaurants to maintain social loyalty and customer engagement.

Gamification 2020, a report by Gartner, predicts gamification is an emerging technology that will significantly impact innovation, globalisation of higher education and personal development. Gabe Zicherman, a gamification expert explains it as “75% psychology and 25% technology”. This fun and interactive way of using technology in a non-game setting can change behaviours, motivate employees, improve product launches, gather customer data and much more.

Competition Question: How will you use gaming techniques to improve your business?

Create a large A1 poster to show how gaming techniques or technology can improve an aspect of your business. In your team select an area or problem, think about your technology solution and its business benefits for example, improving customer engagement, brand loyalty, employee experience etc. Present your idea with business justification to a panel of employer judges.   

The Task

Bring one A1 poster to the event illustrating your tech idea. You should research a business problem, the solution or how you can improve it, its business benefit, implementation and feasibility.

1. Explain the existing business problem.
2. What is your gaming tech solution? How are you solving problem or improving an aspect of business?
3. What are the business benefits?
4. How can it be developed? Look into the technology and business model taking into account any limitations of the product/solution.
5. Think about marketing, how will the audience adopt the new technology/way of working?
6. Is it unique? How does your solution stand against competition?

Your team will present in front of a panel of judges on 17th November 2016 at Kings House Conference Centre, Manchester. Employers will select a winning team based on the overall idea, innovation, business considerations, poster, presentation and team work.

Competition Rules

One team per year group per university and per course*. Maximum 8 members per team (if your university offers both ITMB and SDfB, you may have 2 teams but SDfB students will be judged in the same competition).
You will have a maximum of 7 minutes to present your idea. This will be followed by a 3 minute Q&A session led by the judges.
As you arrive to the venue, please register your team with the Tech Partnership welcome team and ensure you make a note of your allotted presentation slot. Please ensure you wait outside the competition zone 10 minutes before your start time.

***Please register your team by Friday 4th November. Email degrees@thetechpartnership.com stating your university, year group and team members. You do not need to submit your competition before the event***

*If a year group has 45+ students, universities can add another team. Contact the university course director for more information or email degrees@thetechpartnership.com

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