2016 South Event: 1st Year Competition

The Future of You

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Dating: With 1400 dating sites in UK alone, online dating is increasing rapidly. It’s the new way of finding partners and you can search them before your first date!

Events: Weddings, parties, gigs and festivals are being planned online. Invitations, payment and even seating is managed through mobile phone apps.

Meet ups: Nearly 2.1 billion of us have social media accounts, we are much more comfortable sharing our photos, updates and what we like, with a wider crowd of people.

Tech has changed the way we interact, connect with people, learn new skills and share favourite music. Cloud makes it easier to access our “stuff” from anywhere, big data brings us targeted ads when we are on Facebook and YouTube “how-to” videos make it so much easier to learn than reading books! Emerging technologies like wearables and 3D printing is changing the way we experience and engage with others, what is next for the millennial generation?

Competition Question: Using tech how do you predict the future of dating, events or social meet ups?

Design a poster predicting the future for millennials. In your team pick one from the three areas listed above and focus on how tech will improve the experience, engagement and communication. Present your idea with business justification to a panel of employer judges.

The Task

Bring TWO A1 posters to the event illustrating your tech idea. You should research an existing problem or experience, the solution or how you can improve it, its impact, implementation and business feasibility.

  1. Explain the existing experience or problem.
  2. What is your tech solution? How are you solving problem/improving experience?
  3. What are the business benefits?
  4. How can it be developed? Look into the technology and business model taking into account any limitations of the product/solution.
  5. How will you market it to your audience? Why should they adopt it?
  6. Is it unique? How does your solution stand against competition?

Your team will present in front of a panel of judges on 2nd March 2016 at CA Technologies, Slough. Employers will select winner based on the overall idea, innovation, business considerations, poster, presentation and team work.

Competition Rules

One team per year group per university

Maximum 8 per team.

Register your team by Friday 12th February 2016 via email degrees@thetechpartnership.com [email to include: University Name, Team Name, all member names and a brief description of your idea]

You will have a maximum of 7 minutes to present your idea. This will be followed by a 3 minute Q&A session led by the judges.

For all queries contact us degrees@thetechpartnership.com

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