2015 North Event: 2nd/Final Year Competition – ITMB

ITMB Student/Employer Event 2nd Dec 2015

2nd year Competition


Artificial Intelligence- how real are the movies?

There is an ever growing presence of artificial intelligence (AI) being featured within the film industry, such as I Robot, Chappie, and Interstellar with each holding a different perspective of how this technology will evolve in our world.
What is the realistic state of this technology when it reaches actuality, will it evolve from a baby-like conscious such as “Chappie” or will it live digitally in the internet space learning through our webpages and interacting with us via our phones or ear pieces as featured in “Her”? Or will it simply assist our lives in different tasks such as the robot TARS from Interstellar. TARS is capable of multiple tasks such as calculations, emergency manoeuvres, and even companionship with varying precise percentages of humour and honesty to suit your current mood. Although AI has been a common theme in science fiction for a while, since the 70’s, movies like Blade Runner and The Terminator explore emotions, feelings and humanlike intelligence of robotics.
If you use Apple’s Siri, then you are already one step closer to being dependant on your personal AI assistant. What is next in the real world?

Competition Question: How would you use AI in the business world?

Submit your presentation about using an AI solution to improve a business activity or work life. Your team should pick one technology as the solution.

The Task
Your idea should think about how AI solves an existing business problem or improves work life.
1. Explain the problem or activity.
2. What is your solution?
3. How does it resolve the problem or enhance experience?
4. How can it be developed? Explore what is already out there.
Look into the technology and business model taking into account any limitations of the product.
5. How will you market it to your audience? Why should they use it?
6. Is it unique? How does your solution stand against competition?
7. At the 2nd Dec ITMB Event your group will present the idea in front of an employer panel.

Competition Rules
? One team per university.
? Register your team by Friday 20th November 2015 via email degrees@thetechpartnership.com [email to include: University Name, Team Name, all member names and a brief description of your idea]
? Employers will select the winner based on the overall idea, innovation, business considerations, presentation and team work.

Presentation small print:
? Use presentation tools of your choice.
? You will have access to internet and laptop, if you are bringing your own laptop or want to submit a USB please inform us in advance.
? You will have a maximum of 10 minutes to present your idea to the judges on the day. This will be followed by a 5 minute Q&A session.
? For all queries contact us degrees@thetechpartnership.com

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