2017 North Event: 2nd/Final Year Students


Final competition entries will be presented in teams to an employer panel at the Tech Partnership Student/Employer North Event. Talk to your university course leader for more details on attending this event.

Date: 22nd November 2017

Location: King’s House Conference Centre, Manchester

Time: 10:30-17:00 (your team’s presentation slot will be available on arrival to the event)

Health Tech Innovation

Smart technology is rapidly transforming and disrupting the health and wellbeing sectors both globally and in the UK – from medical devices to apps to monitor wellbeing, to technology used in rehabilitation and community care, and in supporting interactions between medical staff and patients.

As well as disrupting an industry and provider the industry with new tools, healthtech is also a key contributer to the UK economy.

Since 2011 the UK has secured over £7.5bn of inward investment in this sector,
leading to the creation of 18,000 new jobs, and today, the UK has one of the
strongest and most productive health and life sciences industries in the world. (Strength and Opportunity 2016: The landscape of the medical technology and biopharmaceutical sectors in the UK. UK Government 2016).


The Challenge

‘How can you use technology to address a healthcare challenge in the UK?’

Create one unique idea/product/business that will transform the healthtech sector in the UK.

ITMB Students: Pitch your business case to the employer panel- employers will be acting as potential partners for your business.
Software Degree Students: Place more focus on how you will build your product and the technology involved in creating it.

Things to consider…

– How will your idea benefit both the target audienced and the industry?

– Will your idea be offered through the National Health Service or through private healthcare? (think about costs)

– Do your research- what are common challenges within the industry that could be tackled through new technology. What are the both the risks and benefits of your idea?

– This is a team effort and you will be judged on your idea and your group work and presentation- make sure you all have something to say.


Presentation time: 7 mins (you will be stopped if you go over time)

Questions and answers from judges: 3 mins

Immediate judge feedback and reflection: 5 mins

Winners will be announced at the winners showcase at the end of the day.


Winning Team- £500 (plus the Tech Partnership trophy)
2nd Prize runner up team- £300
3rd Prize runner up team- £200

A number of employer sponsored spot prizes may also be awarded for impressive individuals.

Extra Reading





Register your team

To compete in this competition, you must be a fully registered team. Instructions for entering a team:
1. Get your teams together- we recommend no more than 6-8 participants and a minimum of 2 participants (see the small print for full team instructions)
2. Produce a presentation to showcase your ideas- make it as creative and visual as possible. You can use any presentation tool of your choice (e.g. PowerPoint, Prezi etc)
3. Simply register your team to degrees@thetechpartnership.com by 12pm FRIDAY 10th NOVEMBER at the latest with the following information; names of all participants, your university and a preferred lead email address, should we need to get in touch with your group. Note- we do not need your competition idea before the day.

The Small Print (please read)

  • One team per university is permitted for year group cohorts under 40 students. Year groups with 40+ students can submit two teams and cohorts with 80+ can submit 3 teams maximum. If you are unsure, ask your course leader or email us. It is recommended that you choose your final team to represent your university on the day of the event by having ‘knock out rounds’ before the event. The Tech Partnership team can assist with this at your university. Contact us at degrees@thetechpartnership.com if you wish to arrange competition knock-out rounds at your university.
  • If your university offers both the ITMB and the Software degree, you may submit a team from each course. The teams from different courses may get judged by a separate panel of employers if we receive more than 3 teams in total.
  • IMPORTANT: Any teams that do not register before the day cannot be added to the schedule on the day of the event so ensure you let us know you are submitting a team beforehand.
  • If you have registered but can no longer take part, you must let us know before the day- this is important because it can disturb the very tight schedule.