2015 North Event: 1st Year Competition – ITMB

ITMB Student/Employer Event 2nd Dec 2015

First Year Student Poster Competition

Prizes to be won for the best team(s). Employer sponsors to be announced before the day…


The technological evolution of the Olympics: Innovating the platform for the next champions
As the Rio Olympics approaches, this is another opportunity for the world to be amazed with the next generation of ideas and technology. In the past few decades, the evolutionary ways in which athletes compete and audiences enjoy the games has changed dramatically.

From simply sitting in a stadium watching the games unfold, we now have instant replays of any goal, flip, or slam dunk with slow motion capture to enjoy every sweating moment in its glorious high definition detail. Athletes have also benefited from the advancement of new technology, such examples include extreme lightweight bodysuits that reduce drag up to 0.043 seconds or the laser precision tracking for millisecond accuracy. These are just some of the advances sport and the ways in which it is viewed has changed in the past few decades.
What will come next, what is the next big innovating idea to improve the spectator experience?

Your Task

‘What form of technology would you recommend to Elly Resende, the Rio 2016 Technology Director, in order to improve and enhance the spectator experience at the next Olympics.’

This can be a new revolutionary idea or a reimagining of an already existing technology.
You must use an A1 poster to present and illustrate your ideas.

You must choose one technology idea such as:
• Apps
• Wearable tech
• VR experience

Kick start your inspiration by looking at the 2022 FIFA proposal bid from Japan in their ambitious attempt to bring the games to your local stadium ground in stunning 3D holographic simulcasts:

Useful websites:

Rules and Guidelines

You must create an A1 Poster to illustrate your ideas- make it as creative and visual as possible. Please bring TWO copies of your poster with you on the day. 

Minimum 3 in a team.

A maximum of 6- 8 students per team.
Register your team by Friday 20th November 2015 via email degrees@thetechpartnership.com [email to include: University Name, Team Name, all member names and a brief description of your idea]
Employers will select the winner based on the overall idea, innovation, business considerations, poster presentation and team work.


Your idea must be presented on an A1 poster, and you must bring TWO copies of your poster with you on the day. You will not have access to a laptop.
You will have a maximum of 7 minutes to present your idea to the judges on the day This will be followed by a 5 minute Q&A session.
For all queries contact us degrees@thetechpartnership.com

***Please submit your posters to the Tech Partnership team at the registration desk as you arrive to the event***