South Event Competition 2018

Smart Cities Competitions

Final competition pitches were presented at the Tech Partnership Student/Employer South Event 2018.

Smart Cities

Please note change of date and location!

Event Date: Wednesday 14th March 2018
Location: Royal Berkshire Conference Centre, Madejski Stadium, Reading
Time: Event arrival from 10:00 am (see your competition slot at the registration desk on arrival). Talk to your course leader about travel arrangements to the event.

What are Smart Cities?

The primary aim of Smart Cities is the utilisation of technology and Internet of Things (IoT) to manage a city’s assets and communities and allows city councils to better communicate with communities, monitor city life and enable a better quality of life for visitors, businesses and residents. There are many definitions to what makes a ‘Smart City’. The UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) defines Smart Cities as a “process rather than a static outcome, in which increased citizen engagement, hard infrastructure, social capital and digital technologies make cities more liveable, resilient and better able to respond to challenges.”(What is a Smart City? Centre for Cities

From charging portals, app enabled transport to solar powered street lights, smart cities are benefitting the lives of those that work and live in them and city officials around the world are increasingly recognising that technological innovation is key to boosting city popularity and the quality of life of its citizens. New technologies are enabling better local communication, providing new jobs and growing borough’s economies and enhancing the everyday lives of citizens and enabling them to make better informed decisions when using a city’s resources.

Your Challenge: ‘Exploring new technologies, develop a unique idea that will innovate and benefit a city of your choosing’

  • Decide on a city of your choice- it does not have to be UK based.
  • Explain who your idea will benefit- it could be residents, local businesses/organisations, tourists, local authority, schools etc.
  • The employer panel will be acting for the city of your choice as the city council and potential investors.
  • Do your research and ensure your idea is new to that city that you choose and it will give your chosen location a competitive edge.
  • Consider the impact (pros and cons) your concept may have on the local community.

First year students: Create a large A1 poster to illustrate your ideas- make it as creative and memorable as possible- the employer judges will see many entries on the day so ensure your idea stands out. Bring your poster with you on the day and keep it safe until your allotted presentation slot. Talk to your university if you need help printing your poster as most universities will have these facilities on site or your course leader can assist.

Second, final years and MSc students: Create a professional presentation to showcase your ideas. Please bring your presentation on a USB stick. There will be a laptop in the room where you will also have access to the internet if you need it. Please avoid bringing your own laptops as this causes delays in setup time.

Extra Reading

Here are some articles to help you begin your research but we recommend doing as much research into the topic as possible. You will be scored points for your knowledge of the topic in question.


Winning Team- £500 (plus the Tech Partnership trophy)
2nd Prize runner up team- £300
3rd Prize runner up team- £200
Several employer – sponsored spot prizes may also be awarded for impressive individuals.


Presentation time: 7 mins (you will be stopped if you go over time)

Questions and answers from judges: 3 mins

Immediate judge feedback and reflection: 5 mins

Winners will be announced at the winners showcase at the end of the day.

Register your team

To compete in this competition, you must be a fully registered team. Instructions for entering a team:

  • Get your teams together asap – we recommend no more than 6-8 participants and a minimum of 2 participants (see the small print for full team instructions)
  • To submit a team, you must register your team to by 12pm Friday 2nd March 2018 at the latest with the following information; names of (ideally) all of the participants, your university and a preferred lead email address, should we need to get in touch with your group.

Note- we do not need your competition idea before the day. If you are having knock out rounds after this date, please just let us know that you will be submitting a team.

The Small Print (please read)

  • One team per university is permitted for year group cohorts under 40 students. Year groups with 40+ students can submit two teams and cohorts with 80+ can submit 3 teams maximum. If you are unsure, ask your course leader or email us. It is recommended that you choose your final team to represent your university on the day of the event by having ‘knock out rounds’ before the event. The Tech Partnership team can assist with this at your university. Contact us at if you wish to arrange competition knock-out rounds at your university.
  • If your university offers both the ITMB and Software Engineering for Business degrees, you may submit a team from each course. If you wish to merge your teams with both ITMB and Software Degree students, you may also do so as long. We do not allow other year groups to merge with first year teams.
  • IMPORTANT: Any teams that do not register before the day cannot be added to the schedule on the day of the event so ensure you let us know you are submitting a team beforehand.
  • If you have registered but can no longer take part, you must let us know before the day- this is important because it can disturb the very tight schedule. 

Download as a pdf document