Course Directors Resources

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ITMB Documentation

ITMB Accreditation Guide

ITMB Accreditation Report Template

ITMB Annual Review Report

ITMB Contact Information

ITMB Document of Understanding

ITMB English Progression Spreadsheet

ITMB Key Themes Mapping

ITMB Learning Outcomes Mapping

ITMB Quality Assurance Process

ITMB Scottish Progression Spreadsheet

ITMB Specification and Learning Outcomes

SEfB Documentation

SEfB – Accreditation Guide

SEfB Accreditation Report Template

SEfB Annual Review Report

SEfB Contact Information

SEfB Document of Understanding

SEfB English Progression Spreadsheet

SEfB Quality Assurance Process

SEfB Scottish Progression Spreadsheet

SEfB Specification and Learning Outcomes

SEfB Learning Outcomes Mapping

Marketing Resources

Degrees leaflet as a PDF

Degrees poster – poster as a PDF / poster as a JPG

Marketing guidelines as a PDF